To be recognised by innovators worldwide as a UK centre of excellence for global technology. At Westcott we provide ‘Space and security for sustainable growth’.

Building a vibrant community

A big part of the Westcott message is collaboration, with 90 companies based at the Park many doing business with each other. We are committed to building a positive, collaborative eco system which will attract likeminded companies and individuals to develop their ideas.

Westcott Business Incubation Centre

Investing in the future

We take a measured, long-term view in the development of the Park and there has been considerable investment into roads, security, infrastructure and landscaping to create development plots suitable for a wide range of occupiers. This significant investment shows that Westcott brings that long-term view in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Westcott Innovation Centre


Westcott is a place where sustainability is a commitment, and not an aspiration, so it’s perhaps no surprise that we attract a number of tenants who are dedicated to creating a greener and safer world of business. We work hard to protect the green beauty of the park, planting over 10,000 trees, protecting wildlife, encouraging iconic species to thrive. We have plans in place to become the UK’s first carbon-negative business park.

Solar power


Westcott has a long history of propulsion testing. The site has the unique advantage of being a secure site with an established regulatory and safety regime suitable for testing a wide variety of rocket propulsion systems. This provides companies with the ability to research, then develop and then test new technologies all in one place.

Westcott Innovation Centre
Tenant stories
The history is always a talking point with bands. On a more practical note, the parking and 24-hour security is a huge benefit as we certainly aren’t a nine-five business.
Ben Amesbury
Runway Studios Creative
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